Tumbles in the Aether
Me: people and their DIFFICULTY PLANNING
William: what is this, Homestuck?
Me: yeah, imagine I typed that in the Homestuck narriator's voice
William: you have a NUMBER OF INTERESTS
William: we're on the same page here

they’re fighting over who gets to use the kiddie pool next


they’re fighting over who gets to use the kiddie pool next


YES!! YES!! SWIMMING!! IN COSPLAY!! MY FAVORITE!!! and don’t come up all sassing me about waterproof grey paint, all skin is photoshoped.

in fact everything is photoshoped.

I’m not even in these photos. these photos do not exist.

squeaks does it again. 

My wonderful photographer!!!


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The following is a complete list of all the good Homestuck songs, up through Volume 9. Any song not on this list is either forgettable (most) or possibly actually offensive to the ears (such as most of the Squiddles album, or a few others).

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Oh, Emily liked Carrie’s photo. That’s cool. Let’s double check that photo.

Yep, still totally stunning.

Oh, some notes, let’s see. Hmm, we’ve got me, Emily, Cat… who’s this Liz person? Let’s find out. Anime gif for the first post, normal I guess. What’s this blog title? Land of—- huh. It’s a Homestuck. I didn’t think Carrie knew any other Homestucks.

How’s the world so small when the world is so large? Clearly I need to speak to Andrew Hussie.


pupmed for the remakes


pupmed for the remakes

Me: Liz, I talked to your friend about Idahostuck like you said and she thought it was cool, but she also asked which Liz I meant when I said that I knew you, so you gotta step it up so that you're the definitive Liz in all situations.
Liz: Yeah, she asked about you, I said you were my friend from work, and she asked if you were hot, and I said that you were like 100.
Me: Liz, I'm younger than Amber.
Liz: What? No way!
Me: Yes, I'm like 6 months younger than her.
Liz: Well, okay, I know that for real you're 27.
Me: Nope, that's wrong.
Liz: Okay, okay, you're right, I know that for reals you're actually 25.
Me: Still wrong.


when something you like has an incredibly embarrassing fandom


Me: time to play
Me: Guess Their URL
Adrienne: uhh
Adrienne: something about kitkat or whatever that one trolls name is
Adrienne: carrot cake?